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Increase Conversions,
Decrease Cost per Acquisition

With ad placements and keywords growing more competitive each day, we’re here to ensure you’re making full use of every paid search option.

Our unique and strategic approach towards paid marketing allows us to deliver measurable, high-impact results that exceed your goals and yield the highest possible ROI.

Our Lead Generation Tactics

An industry-leading paid marketing agency and certified premier partner with Google, Facebook & Taboola, we have exclusive insights into new industry trends and the latest Digital Channels and Analytics updates. So, you can be rest assured that whatever the PPC channel, we’ve got you covered with the most innovative and effective tactics:

Google Adwords

Webzaa is a preferred Google AdWords Partner Agency in Mumbai we are adept at setting up and running performance driven campaigns for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook advertising has emerged as a powerful tool scoring over traditional advertising hence with Facebook, you can connect with more than 500 million potential customers, choosing your audience by their demographics & psychographics.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way to reach out to your target audience who are consuming content on the internet in real time. It seeks to earn its audience by giving something valuable. Consumers find and they view your content because they want to do so. We use the right content to drive the right audience who won’t give it a miss.

Affiliate Marketing

With trusted partners, you are in good hands. From strategy & initial audits to operational support: your affiliate success is our responsibility. Put your trust in a reliable partner and take advantage of our experience in affiliate marketing.

We continuously monitor all your campaigns, which enables us to respond in real time and ensure optimal results. Our number one goal is to drive qualified traffic to strategic landing environments while reducing the cost of that traffic.

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